Street Works Mate -  for fast efficient kerb and pavement installation

The Product

A single machine solution to the installation of kerbs and paving. This compact machine combines, fork lift function, guided saw, lift and laying function, radio remote control, an auxiliary hydraulic function, a load carrying deck which doubles as a saw table/bench and the option for a power washer.

Fork lift function.

  • Simple folding arrangement can be deployed in seconds.
  • Can lift and carry a weight of 1tonne to a height of 200mm, enabling an operator to lift and carry a pallet of slabs/units along in close proximity to the laying location.

Guided Saw

  • Hydraulically driven and therefore powered by the machines diesel engine, reducing noise and improving fuel efficiency.
  • Stow’s clear of the deck area allowing a pallet to be positioned on the deck without possibility of damage to the saw.
  • Fitted with a safety switch requiring both hands to be applied to the saw handle for improved safety.
  • Once safety switch is applied the saw is energised and the water pump for dust suppression is automatically engaged.
  • Water tanks are located beneath the saw in the cavities created by the unique folded chassis design.
  • Water tanks also include sediment traps and filters, separating the silica dust and allowing the water to be recirculated for dust suppression all day.
  • The water capture grate over the tanks simply lifts out leaving the top of the tanks open, allowing the two 100mm plugs in the bottom of the tank to be removed and the tanks can rinsed clean 2-3 minutes.
  • The saw will cut a perfect straight line 650mm long up to 150mm deep.
  • Adjacent to the saw is located a large adjustable toggle clamp, to ensure objects do not move during cutting.

Load carrying deck, saw/work table.

  • 1.2m x 1.4m flat deck area where slabs/units can be placed, marked, clamped, cut or bored.
  • This area may be used to organise or store different shapes or sizes of slabs during the laying process.
  • With the saw in the stowed position the work table can become a load carrying deck where a pallet can be placed. 
  • Whilst working in a busy street-scape scheme, where access to shops must be maintained, the confines between pedestrian barriers can be prohibitively restrictive to lifting and handling machinery. Considering there must always be space for the pallet of material being laid, When the pallet is positioned on the deck area, the additional foot print of the handling and lifting machinery is only 1.2m x 1.4m.
  • The compact layout can allow for SWM to operate from within the pavement.

Lift and lay function.

  • The crane type jib can be erected from its stowed position using the fast deploy system in a matter of seconds.
  • Once erected and the lifting tube and controls have been fitted the operator can traverse the crane through 360, free and unrestricted movement.
  • The free running jib is fitted with a unique braking system which prevents the lift apparatus from rotating when the operator releases the controls. This allows the operator to carry out other work and the machine will remain in a fixed location. This is also an important safety feature preventing uncontrolled movements.

Incorporating a Power washer.

  • Hydraulically driven and therefore powered by the machines diesel engine, reducing noise and improving fuel efficiency.
  • Contained within the chassis and activated by a switch on the control panel.
  • Can be supplied with a limited amount of water from internal water tanks.
  • Large tanks of water can be lifted and carried on the forks or placed on the deck area.
  • This may be the world’s first radio remote control power washer!
  • Using the remote control, the power washer and tanks can follow up close the progress of the washing, reducing the need for a long hose or time consuming repositioning of the washer and its water supply.

Radio remote control.

SWM is operated and controlled by a single remote control with the option of being attached to the machine or handheld.

  • The Radio remote controls the base chassis in forward reverse, left, right, forks up/down.
  • The radio remote control is fitted into the control head at the base of the lifting tube allowing all of the chassis controls on the left hand and the up down on the lift tube function on the right.
  • Having all the controls at the point of lift and lowering allows the operator to see and feel what he is doing for precise positioning, while retaining control over the whole machine.
  • This concept could be compared to an exoskeletal but taking a different form.

Auxiliary hydraulic function for hand held tools.

  • SWM provides an auxiliary hydraulic circuit for handheld tools. An optional hose reel can be provided to give even greater handheld tool range.
  • You can operate handheld tools at the same time as the lift lay tube, improving productivity. This also means you don’t have to buy separate powerpacks, which are often prone to theft.
  • SWM can operate a huge selection of handheld tools like breakers, pumps, earth drills, disc cutters, core drills and rotary impact drills.